How to Free Yourself from the Past – A Self-Forgiveness Meditation

Leadership is an ongoing process of connecting to what matters most, having a vision of what is possible, and taking inspired action to bring that vision into reality. As we embark on the path of awakening the conscious leader within, we must do the deep inner work of self-forgiveness. In this special episode, I offer an introduction to self-forgiveness, then a guided meditation to gently take you on a healing journey.
The guided meditation begins at minute 6:36.
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DeAndra Harmony is an Integrative Wellness Coach who helps people quiet their minds and increase their focus so they can gain more control over their lives. Her practice focuses on mindset mastery, clinical hypnotherapy, and conscious breathwork. She is a breast cancer survivor, a mom of two teenagers, and author of the upcoming book, The Harmony Way.

Hi, I'm DeAndra; a Mom, Writer, Survivor, Business Owner, and an Integrative Wellness Coach. I empower people reach their full potential through mind/body/spirit alignment. I specialize in working with new, aspiring, & experienced leaders who have huge goals but are paralyzed with fear, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Through mindset mastery, clinical hypnotherapy, and conscious breathwork, I help my clients get UNSTUCK so they can become UNSTOPPABLE!

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