Move On


Detach From Your Story

In order to discover who you really are and unleash the powerful woman in you who has been dormant for many years, you must first discover who you are not. To do this, we will examine what has not been working in your life to get new perspectives on what will work.

Is anything worth more than peace of mind?

Until you heal the pain of your past, you will continue to re-create more pain in the future. The only way out is to lovingly, safely allow yourself to go through it. Your willingness is an access point to change. Can you allow yourself to be willing?

The spiritual secret to success is getting into the higher frequency of abundance. This happens naturally when you align with your true self.

What's Included

Video Course

4-part video series, also available as audio for easy, on-the-go convenience.


Self-reflective exercises, journal prompts, and empowering affirmations.

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