The 6 Week Challenge to Awaken Your Inner Goddess - Breath by Breath

What would be different in your life if you were already fully expressed and integrated with your Higher Self?

This is your opportunity to find out. Join a group of dedicated  women who are fully committed to transforming into the next highest version of themselves. No more excuses. No more playing small.

In 6 weeks, you can shift into new energy and reinvent yourself without completely falling apart.

Our journey begins on July 27thSpace is limited. If this resonates with you, I would love for you to join us. Let’s connect & soar!



Best Seller

The principles of the Sovereign program are based on Breath by Breath: Soften Into Your Divinity One Breath At A Time, as seen on ABC TV, available now on Amazon.

What Is It?

Sovereign is a 6 week group coaching program to help you shift out of your head to into your heart so you can unlock your dream life. You'll have all you need to develop uncompromising self-trust, move beyond your stories, and manifest your dreams.

Who is it for?

Sovereign is for visionary women who have been stuck in resistance (self-sabotage) and are ready to elevate to the next level they desire.

How does it work?

Each week we'll focus on a new activation principle. New content is added daily and delivered through our exclusive app, plus a live weekly Q&A. You'll have full support through WhatsApp group accountability & check-ins.

What's so different?

With Sovereign, no one gets left behind. This is a highly interractive experience that will empower you to finally breakthrough the barriers that have held you back.

No one gets left behind

If you bring your whole self to this challenge and show up each week, I will meet you right where you are and I will not let you fail.

Shift from Square One to Success to Fulfillement

Sovereign is for women who understand survival does not equal success.

Our standards are higher, and we are no longer willing to compromise.

We are moving towards fulfillment on every level – mind, body & spirit…and nothing less will satisfy.


In Week 1, we dive right in to what’s happening now, cutting through the story and getting to the heart of your blocks. Perhaps you’re contemplating ending a relationship or recovering from a breakup… or you want to launch a new project and have been stuck in self-doubt or procrastination… maybe you’re rebuilding your life after a crisis or a breakdown… either way, this week you’ll uncover the clarity to reclaim & supercharge your self-worth.

We learn who we are by learning who we are not. In Week 2, as you awaken your Inner-Goddess, you’ll learn how to end self-sabotage so you can create a clear vision and connect with the power that is seeking to emerge from within you.

For many women, the thoughts & beliefs we once had about our spirituality are no longer serving us. In Week 3, we’ll break through the limited beliefs that have been holding you back and have kept you playing small. Here you will exercise your freedom of choice to consciously co-create a new identity for yourself.

Struggling with imposter syndrome stops so many amazing women in their tracks. Releasing the need to be liked, approved of, and accepted becomes easier once you accept the truth of your divinity. Week 4 will be our deep dive into unbecoming the person you’ve been programmed to believe you’re supposed to be. This will empower you to create the much needed space to become someone new!

Building unshakable confidence begins with radical self-acceptance, self-compassion, and uncompromising self-trust. Only you know what’s best for you. In week 5, we will focus on helping you gain complete faith and trust in your Higher Self, giving you the tools you need to move beyond resistance & self-doubt.

In week 6, we’ll wrap up with setting you on track to embody your inner goddess so you can breakout in creativity, fully unleash your True Self and begin manifesting the life of your dreams.

all of this plus


1:1 Strategy Sessions with DeAndra

You'll have two one-on-one strategy sessions with me, one at the beginning and one at the end of week 6 so you can make even more progress in a shorter period of time ($500 value).

Startup Toolkit

You will receive a digital guidebook to track your progress, goals, celebrate your wins, & record your lessons learned.

In addition, you'll receive a
beaufitully designed digital journal & planner that will help you set up & wind down your day. This provides you with a special keepsake of your life-changing journey ($75 value).

You'll also received a special promo code for up to 25% off of Regenrus' worldclass supplements so you can experience an even deeper level of inside-out transformation.

Guided Imagery Tailored for You

You will receive a custom meditation & personalized affirmations following your first one-on-one session. This will be tailored to your unique life purpose & desires.

These powerful tools will accelerate your transformation by installing new beliefs deep into your subconscious mind ($500 value).

special introductory offer


Join this Founders Club and take advantage of the introductory rate of only $999. Payment plans are available.

Take control of your destiny

I am so committed to your success that I’m adding another huge bonus:

+6 Additional Weeks of Support!

This gives you the full 12 weeks of coaching with financial flexibility if needed to help you maintain your commitment & create long-term, tangible results.

Invest in yourself becaue you are your own good fortune! 

It’s time to elevate, transform, & blossom into the
full expression of your fearless & infinte Higher Self!

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