Everything in the Universe is made up of energy – pure potential, including you. You are an entire energy field full of infinite possibility. This is why abundance is your natural quality of being.

To consciously tap into this energy field and commune with the sacred realms, you must go within. The longest journey in the world is only about one foot long – it’s the journey from your head to your heart.

Learning to quiet your mind is a skill that is developed over time. It takes practice. Through and conscious breathwork, guided meditation and hypnotherapy, I help my clients connect deeply with their inner world so they can discover the Universe within.

Guided Meditation

Everyone can benefit from meditation. Studies show it is the simplest, most effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. However, many people miss the point of meditation and worry if they’re “doing it right”. 

My clients who are new to meditation are eased into a state of relaxation and guided through cues and imagery so they can lovingly train their minds as they would a new puppy. 

I work with clients to create custom guided meditations that they can listen to on a regular basis for many benefits, including sleep, confidence & self-esteem building, self-compassion, forgiveness, and more.


Your breath is the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind, because your body is your subconscious mind. The breath is the most vital process of the human body, and it is the primary key to life and energy. It influences the activities of each individual cell in your body.

When you’re feeling angry or upset, your breathing pattern is fast and shallow, which contributes to your feelings of frustration and anxiety. When your inner-state changes, your breathing patterns change.

The reverse is true. You can change your breathing patterns to change your inner-state, inviting the body to immediately calm down and relax so you can gain control over your emotions.

For this reason, breath awareness is self-awareness, and breath control is self-control.

When you learn to quiet your mind and increase your focus with conscious breathwork, you can gain more control over your life.



Hypnosis is a streamlined state of focused attention, similar to when you are absorbed in a book, a film a sport or a craft. You have the ability to emerge from hypnosis at any time if you wish. Consider me as a guide taking you on a journey; I am the facilitator, however, any change can only be made by you.

You are in control.

Many people fear losing control in hypnosis. However, it is actually a means of enhancing mind-body control. Rather than allowing pain, anxiety or other unhelpful states to run like automatic programming, hypnosis can help you exert more control over your thoughts and perceptions.

Your experience will be custom tailored to address your specific needs. Healing is a gift you can give yourself. It is my honor to guide you to the door of the freedom you absolutely deserve.


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